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For the expectant mother, the time of bearing and waiting for her baby is not only one of the most joyful, anxious, but also one of the most anxious and responsible. A woman at this time makes high demands on herself, trying to provide her baby with the most comfortable conditions for development in the tummy. These requirements, among other things, include the need for moderate physical activity, obtaining comprehensive information about the process of childbirth. A pregnant girl, of course, can always get any information from the Internet, from books, learn from her friends or mother. But all these sources provide information rather superficially and subjectively. In order to exhaustively answer all questions individually, in order to thoroughly prepare the expectant mother for childbirth and the postpartum period, there are special preparation courses for childbirth.


Whether to visit them or not, when to start is up to every woman to decide. Their choice is very large today. There are long courses of preparation for childbirth, express courses (starting from 32-33 weeks of pregnancy), commercial courses in which classes are held for money. Prices and programs are different everywhere, this gives the expectant mother the right to choose. Usually such courses are held at regional antenatal clinics, classes in them are free, but they do not last long. The duration of paid courses reaches 22-30 weeks.

Why go to courses, you ask? On them, a woman receives not only comprehensive information about her current situation, but also the opportunity for communication, physical improvement, and a positive pastime. After all, preparation courses for childbirth, depending on the program, not only give answers to questions about how childbirth is going, but also illustrate this process with video films, teach a pregnant woman special breathing techniques, how to behave during the childbirth process.


Often, preparation for childbirth courses also include gymnastics for pregnant women, yoga, classes in creative workshops (drawing or music), oriental dances, and alternative classes in the pool.

The advantage of preparation courses for childbirth, in our opinion, also lies in the fact that they can be taken by both spouses in pairs. After all, of course, dad is a full-fledged participant in childbirth, along with mom, despite the fact that, of course, the main responsibility lies with the woman. But, you must admit, the correct behavior at the time of the beginning of the birth of the dad, his skills in supporting his beloved woman – both moral and physical – will definitely only benefit both of them. If you have chosen partner childbirth with your husband, then attending courses in a couple is mandatory, since a man needs to be as informed as much as possible about such an issue as childbirth, what he can do in order to support his own woman.

Any training courses for childbirth, as a rule, are not limited only to information about the childbirth itself, about the correct behavior during the labor process. In such classes, a woman is also taught the basics of caring for a newborn baby, explained how to get in shape after childbirth, and also mentally and psychologically prepare for future motherhood. That is why the courses are taught only by qualified specialists: for lectures, as a rule, obstetricians-gynecologists, pediatricians, psychologists, and neonatologists are invited.

Getting acquainted with specialists, the expectant mother will be able to thoroughly prepare for childbirth, and learn a lot of useful information, conditions that are offered by various maternity hospitals and the doctors working there, because the choice of a maternity hospital always remains with the woman.

According to experts, in terms of preparation for childbirth, it will be more useful for a woman to attend group classes. In this case, they advise you to choose courses based on the equipment of the school, its proximity to your home. It is important to choose courses that are held by an official organization, the premises of which are quite comfortable. If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to attend preparatory courses for childbirth, an individual program, personal express training, can be developed for you.


Of course, preparation courses for the childbirth process are of great benefit to a woman, because when experienced specialists give answers to your questions, meaningless excitement simply does not have a chance to appear.

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